I publish here, to assist my own recollection of them as much as anything else, a list of the software, apps, and websites that I use most frequently in my working life.

Appointments – I use this free web-based system for maintaining my office calendar; students and others can easily book appointments with me for times that we are both free; both parties are e-mailed the appointment information; the calendar syncs with that of my iPhone and iPad, and I receive a calendar alert five minutes before each appointment with the details


Filemaker Pro – I use this primarily for maintaining a bibliographical database (or rather, several databases) and notes of those things that I have read.

LibraryThing – Having a record of my library online is useful now that I’m at that stage of my life (and bibliophilia) when I don’t always remember whether I already own a book.

File-sharing software


Note-taking software


Social networking




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